June 8, 2015

LevelUp Loyalty + Apple/Android Pay

Keeping our merchants on the cutting edge of technology is one of the most fun things here at LevelUp. We always want to make sure they can offer their customers the best possible mobile loyalty experience. That’s why, just under a year ago when Apple announced Apple Pay, LevelUp was one of the first companies…

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November 19, 2014

Get to know your customers. Like really get to know them.

The meeting’s catered goods had been nibbled away, the water pitchers emptied and fogged with condensation – each slide considered, each presentation presented. Every facet of the last quarter meticulously analyzed and the strategy for the coming weeks masterfully architected. Or so it was thought. It was then the young upstart in the too-big dress-shirt…

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November 17, 2014

[Campaign Lab] Track the Revenue Impact of Groupon with LevelUp

Groupon is perhaps the most powerful customer acquisition tool ever created — its massive subscriber base can expose your business to 1000s of new customers in a single day. But what about the next day? Tracking the ongoing revenue driven from new Groupon customers has always been difficult (well… impossible) making it hard for businesses…

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