How LevelUp’s Partnership with Revel Systems Creates a Unique Omnichannel Approach for Restaurants


We’re excited to announce that we recently partnered with Revel Systems to make their restaurants’ mobile experiences even stronger. Revel is a feature-rich business platform that combines operations and customer channels driven by the Point of Sale into a single dashboard.  By integrating order ahead, in-store mobile payments and loyalty programs, this new partnership will create a seamless, unified mobile experience for Revel’s restaurant partners.

So, how’d we do it?

We’ve combined our custom native mobile ordering, loyalty, payment and exclusive distribution channels directly with Revel System POS integration platform. This empowers restaurant owners and operators to deploy an omnichannel approach to serving customers.

Customers who visit Revel’s partner restaurants will experience seamless mobile ordering and receive more targeted rewards and loyalty offerings. Restaurateurs will benefit from LevelUp’s full suite of customer engagement programs, loyalty offerings and distribution channel partners (like Chase Pay) to acquire and retain new customers and increase customer frequency and spend.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to support our restaurant partners, and one of those is offering best-in-breed software solutions,” said Bobby Marhamat, COO at Revel. “LevelUp’s capabilities help our restaurant partners engage their customers with a unique approach to loyalty and convenience through order-ahead.”

Revel customers, like Kung Fu Tea, Shake Smart, Jugofresh, Bluestone Lane, Cupcake Royale and more will now enjoy features such as seamless order-ahead, in-store loyalty programs, and a powerful CRM to deliver targeted promotions.

“As a customer of both LevelUp and Revel, this integration allows us to better connect with our customers and helps drive our brand forward in the competitive bubble tea industry,” said Mai Shi, marketing and PR lead at Kung Fu Tea. “New analytics capabilities provide us a deeper understanding of our customers so we can create customized offers that give them the best experience possible.”

We’re thrilled to be working with Revel and we can’t wait to see restaurants benefit from these new features. Be sure to subscribe so you’re tuned into more exciting announcements like this:

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Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty is the Head of Partnerships at LevelUp. In his free time he likes any activity on a bike, sailing, and making Rorschach tests in soap sculpture form. When he's not chowing down on Monday bagels he's on the phone learning about great companies that we can work with, and looking for fun trails to take his dog hiking on.