Get Your Own Mobile Loyalty Program

With a mobile loyalty program from LevelUp, restaurants can effectively drive revenue and reduce payment processing costs for good.

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How does it work?

  • Customers download the free LevelUp app and scan their phone to pay.
  • Payment processing fees are a flat 1.95% per transactions –much less than the average business pays to process credit cards.
  • With every transaction, restaurants capture rich data and analytics about customer purchase behaviors.
  • Leveraging LevelUp’s comprehensive campaign platform, restaurants are able to use the data collected to intelligently target and re-engage their customers, driving revenue in the form of increased visitation and spend.

    What kind of marketing campaigns can I run?


    LevelUp’s rich and effective loyalty campaign motivates your customers to come back again and again. Restaurants running a loyalty campaign see on average a 20% lift in frequency of visitation and a 7% lift in average ticket.


    Customers love to be recognized on their birthday. Surprise and delight them with a gift. You pick the amount and we email it to them during their birthday week.


    Your morning customers only love your coffee but have never tried your sandwiches. Your lunch customers pass you by on the way to work to grab coffee at Starbucks. Use Time-Shift to invite your morning customers to try you for lunch and vice-versa.


    We’d like to believe that every customer will always come back again, but sometimes they forget. Re-engagement campaigns are built to automatically remind customers who haven’t been in a while to come back to your restaurant.

    Make it Rain

    Combat Mother Nature with a Make It Rain Campaign. Whenever it’s raining or snowing, LevelUp will email your customers with a one-time offer expiring at the end of the day, motivating many to brave the elements and visit your restaurant.


    Are my customers ready for a mobile loyalty program?

    Yes. 7 million consumers are already paying with their phones. Want to see how many customers in your area are already paying with LevelUp? Click here to access our customer finder.


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