New Partnership Alert! LevelUp & LuvJo Helping Local Coffee Shops Access Millions of Customers with Order Ahead

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We recently partnered up with LuvJo, an online ordering platform that is dedicated to local coffee shops, juice bars and food trucks. As part of this new alliance, smaller-scale neighborhood merchants that use LuvJo will be able to increase order ahead sales through our network.

The LevelUp network has millions of customers across our exclusive distribution channels and partner apps like Chase Pay. Now, LuvJo merchant restaurants can reach nearby potential customers by enabling them to view menus, order, and pay for their coffee or food truck favorites. We’re leveling the playing field – smaller neighborhood shops can now provide all of the functionality that bigger chain restaurants already have

“Local coffee shops risk losing business if they continue to force customers to waste time in lines,” said Tony Kidd, CEO of LuvJo. “Not only are we now solving this issue – but through this LevelUp partnership we’re actually driving an increase in customer volume while allowing our merchant partners to remain highly efficient.”

The best part? It’s incredibly easy for both merchants and customers. We’ve developed seamless order ahead functionality, built right into apps already on customers’ mobile devices.

LuvJo is making big waves by powering the online ordering capabilities of independent coffee shops, and supporting local economies in this way is something we can truly get behind. This partnership will drive more orders to local coffee shops while introducing LevelUp users to great local establishments that they otherwise may have missed out on.

This exposure to new customers promises to drive higher order volume for LuvJo merchants, which will continue to experience the benefits of the LevelUp network as we announce strategic partners in the months ahead. Make sure you’re in the know by subscribing to the blog below.

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Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty is the Head of Partnerships at LevelUp. In his free time he likes any activity on a bike, sailing, and making Rorschach tests in soap sculpture form. When he's not chowing down on Monday bagels he's on the phone learning about great companies that we can work with, and looking for fun trails to take his dog hiking on.

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