Open Dining and LevelUp Partner to Drive More Orders

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Leading online ordering provider Open Dining has just stepped up their game. Now, restaurants using Open Dining’s ordering platform are listed within LevelUp’s exclusive distribution channels like the LevelUp and Chase Pay apps.

As a result, local restaurant menus are easily accessible to millions of hungry customers who look for the speed and convenience of ordering ahead. It’s a win for restaurants too – free exposure to new customers will drive individual restaurant growth at scale.  

“Consumers demand apps and products that fit their lifestyle and streamline their everyday activities. This partnership with LevelUp is a powerful way for our restaurant merchants to get more orders from mobile channels – putting their brand in the hands of more consumers than ever before,” said Tim Ridgely, CEO of Open Dining.

Like a fine wine, the partnership will improve over time. As LevelUp continues to announce new channel distribution partners, Open Dining’s restaurants will be exposed to more and more new consumers.

Argo Tea, a client of both Open Dining and LevelUp, has already seen positive results from the partnership. When a customer places an order through Argo Tea’s mobile app, the order ahead capability is powered by LevelUp and the order is routed through Open Dining’s system.

“Our customers enjoy the benefits of both the Open Dining and LevelUp platforms, with the ease of use from our custom mobile application,” said Simon Simonian, VP of Systems and Talent at Argo Tea. “This ensures that they’ll receive the same high quality of service whether they are placing orders in-store or via mobile.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits for Open Dining restaurants and their customers. To stay tuned to exciting announcements like this one, be sure to subscribe to the blog below.

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Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty is the Head of Partnerships at LevelUp. In his free time he likes any activity on a bike, sailing, and making Rorschach tests in soap sculpture form. When he's not chowing down on Monday bagels he's on the phone learning about great companies that we can work with, and looking for fun trails to take his dog hiking on.

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