A Robot Walks Into a Restaurant: How Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry

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It’s safe to say that life, as we know it, is now steeped in technology. Even the staunchest luddites are finding themselves face-to-face with new, innovative ways to interact with the world (my parents have smartphones now, people – smartphones). With a never-ending fabulous array of gadgets and gizmos on the horizon, all promising to influence nearly every aspect of our modern-day lives, it was only a matter of time before the digital world turned its sights onto another aspect of our modern lifestyles: dining out.

Take a look below at how the following pillars of the computer age are simplifying the way average consumers like us interact with one of the oldest – and most prolific – industries: the restaurant.

Robots That Talk to The Kitchen Staff

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know how complex each task can be. A new platform, however, which is currently operating in a Texas restaurant chain called Dickey’s, promises to make it much easier for restaurateurs to multitask. With the iOLAP integration on the Alexa service (Amazon’s voice-operated bot), managers can pull the day’s numbers, check in on KPI data, and optimize waste management control, all with a series of simple voice commands.

Just think of the hours saved by not having to step away, mid-recipe, to check on the day-to-day business metrics! In a nutshell, restaurant technology has given more time to managers to spend on other tasks, which will ultimately help their staff. This also frees up restaurant managers to work on another crucial aspect of life in the digital age: an online presence.

When Restaurants Are Online

What do Lady Gaga and sweetgreen have in common, aside from being pretty popular? The short answer, and the one we’re going with, is their online presence is fantastic. Gone are the days when having a web presence meant operating one site. Now, all manner of eateries, from up-scale restaurants to your favorite hometown cafe down the road, have some sort of stake in the restaurant technology game.

Here’s a little exercise for you: perform a perfunctory Google search for a hip new bar that your friends are raving about. Chances are, you’ll find something related to their brand online be it their website, landing page or various arms of social media.

Why would a restaurant need to put so much work into being online? Well, the answer’s in the numbers. According to Modern Restaurant Management, the digital landscape is primed for new customer acquisition, and any restaurateur worth their salt knows that there’s an entire pool of potential patrons who prefer checking Yelp! and Facebook reviews before visiting. All of this relates back to a well-groomed web presence.

Speaking of Web-Based Convenience…

Ordering ahead is here in a big way, and it’s doing for the restaurant industry what a good can of hairspray meant to everyone in the 1970s: holding everything together for people on the go. As this restaurant technology continues to develop, customers are now able to pull out their smartphones, press a few buttons, and make their way to their favorite major restaurants, where their orders will be waiting for them.

Companies, such as our very own LevelUp, are disrupting the way customers receive their favorite food and drinks by simplifying the entire business-to-consumer process.

Without being too cliche, the possibilities really are endless with these three kinds of technology alone. If the tech space has taught us anything, it’s that modern convenience is now synonymous with the things we take for granted – including enjoying a quick bite at your favorite restaurant. Keep your eyes peeled for what might be coming as the digital age takes on another industry!

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Shay Rodger

Shay Rodger

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