4 Business Takeaways from Today’s Most Innovative Restaurant Brands

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There are over 1 million restaurants in the United States alone. But despite the volume, some brands stand out from the crowd – and they’re creating waves. Recently, Fishbowl released its annual Emerging Brands report, where they discuss the most innovative brands in the industry. Similarly, Zagat made its selections for the best fast-casual chains in NYC. Several LevelUp partner restaurants like sweetgreen, Cowboy Chicken, VERTS Mediterranean Grill, and by CHLOE. made one or both lists, which begs the question: what are these brands doing right? What are the takeaways you can apply to your restaurant?

innovative restaurant brands levelup digital ordering customer engagement restaurant loyalty CRM

Fantastic food

One thing that these restaurants and others that are doing well in the fast casual space have in common is that they serve a top-notch product. Take a look at any of these restaurants’ Yelp reviews and it’s pretty clear why customers keep coming back. These brands are also in tune with customers’ preferences and they adjust accordingly.

Strong brand

Walk into any &pizza location, and you know you’re at &pizza. Open up the Asian Box app, and you know you’re ordering from Asian Box. These restaurants put ample time and effort into creating a brand that customers can recognize. While people come for the food, branding is what helps your restaurant stick in their memories.

User-Friendly Technology

Your technology should optimize your processes, help your staff and make customers lives easier. Be discerning with the technology you choose to implement in your restaurants. From point-of-sale, to order ahead, to your app, make sure you research the providers you choose for the best possible experience.

Loyalty and Customer Service

Your restaurant’s customer service should be a top priority. Be sure your cashiers and management are well trained and able to handle any issues that might come up. The brands that are most effective also do a great job of making their customers feel important, by running loyalty programs and marketing promotions that are easy to redeem.

It takes a well-executed concept, and a little bit of luck to stand out. Learn more about how VERTS Mediterranean nailed it by downloading our case study:


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Jackie Cooke

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