4 Things your Management Team Wants to Know about Restaurant Mobile Apps


An app is a necessity

We’re living in a digital world. Gone are the days that having a digital engagement solution is forward-thinking – customers are on their phones and they expect you to be there as well. Investing in building an app is key to helping you meet customers where they are. From order ahead and mobile payment to custom marketing promotions and strategic messaging, your app is a key channel for getting your message across.

Functionality can, and should, vary

Not all restaurant mobile apps are created equal. Some brands will develop an app that doesn’t do much, just to say they have one. Your app should have functionality that matches your brand. For example, if you serve a product that can be highly customized, your order ahead functionality should allow customers to easily to add or remove ingredients from their order. Your app-based marketing promotions will also be different based on how customers interact with you (maybe your traffic is heaviest in the morning, or you’re more of a dinner spot).

Your app is a key tool for collecting customer data

Today, savvy businesses rely on personalization and even artificial intelligence to power their marketing. With the right provider, an app will collect important data about your customers, and track behavioral patterns and preferences over time. With that data, you can market to them intelligently, with promotions that will actually resonate.

Major brands are implementing apps as part of their mobile strategy

Early adopters like Starbucks have made their mobile app a key part of their strategy. Major restaurant brands like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, &pizza and more are using apps to connect with customers like never before.

Ready to start the process? Finding a provider can be daunting. Click below to download our guide on what you should look for:


Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

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