6 Game Day Campaigns to Drive Sales

Game day is right around the corner and everyone is buzzing with excitement. This is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, so you can bet that your customers will have their eyes glued to the big screen and their phones.

Here at LevelUp’s Boston office, it’s a no brainer that many folks are cheering for the Pats. No matter which team you’re rooting for, here are 5 campaigns that you can run and 3 strategies to show your customers that you’ve got a stake in the game.

Game Day Campaigns

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. You can find a few ideas of effective promotions below.

  • Limited time offers: “We’re bringing back a fan favorite: [name of product]”
  • Highlight popular items: “Cheer for your favorite team with our favorite dish.”
  • Promo codes: “Use GAMEDAY to receive 15% off your next order of $50 or more.”
  • Free delivery or pickup: “Pickup and delivery orders are free during halftime.”
  • Game Day giveaways: “Visit the store during game day for a free add-on to your order.”
  • BOGO: “Order one dish and your second is free.”

Need more ideas? Check out these unique campaigns and restaurant marketing promos.

With any campaign, it’s critical that you’re consistent with messaging across your app, website, or store.

Strategy #1: In-App Messaging

Millions of Americans will be on Twitter and Facebook via their phones, so meet your customers there. Push out messaging on  social media that encourages your guests to download your app or visit your website.You can also utilize push notifications during the game so that your customers can interact with your app directly. If you’re top-of-mind and your guests are hungry, there’s a good chance that they’ll be contacting you.

Brands can get a head start by sending notifications before game day about a campaign. Change  by changing the imagery in your app to reflect game time promotions. This will keep your brand fresh in guests’ minds leading up to the main event.  

Strategy #2: In-Store Promotions

Most folks will choose one of three places to watch the game: their house, their friend’s house, or your restaurant. In order to capture the hearts and stomachs of your audience, run a promotion that can only be redeemed in-store.

Even if you don’t have a Buffalo Wild Wings-esque set-up for a massive viewing party, you should still attract folks to your doors; their stomachs will take care of the rest.

Strategy #3: Email Notifications

Send emails to your guest list and focus on promotions — include everything mentioned in-app, on your website, and even in-store. If you don’t have a list, use this opportunity to ask guests on social media or in-store if they’d like to subscribe.

When sending out emails, follow the data and segment accordingly. You could segment by:

  • Dietary preference: those that have strict diets or allergies
  • Order frequency: those that order most frequently on winter Sundays
  • Product: those who order chicken wings, nachos, or other similar items on your menu
  • Day part: those who order only in the afternoons
  • Catering: individuals who order for larger groups
  • Spending behavior: guests who only purchase if there’s a promotion
  • Reviewers: those who give feedback on your products/service

Keeping these in mind is very important. You wouldn’t want to receive an email highlighting fried chicken if you were gluten-free, would you?

Game day is approaching fast, so make sure your staff is ready to handle the increased traffic and numerous orders. Don’t forget to enjoy the game no matter who you’re rooting for!

Ray Bugayong

Ray Bugayong

Ray is the Demand Gen Manager at LevelUp. As a former small business owner, his involvement with local food groups fuels his culinary creativity. When he's not dreaming of food, you can find him at the gym or a local cocktail bar dreaming up his next entrepreneurial pursuit.

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