Aligning your Marketing Campaign Goals

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Whether you’re looking to increase customer acquisition or forge strong brand-centered relationships with your customers, app-based marketing campaigns can be the catalyst. But running a campaign just for the sake of utilizing your mobile platform is not wise.  Aligning campaign goals with your business goals is a core component of campaign success. Check out our 4-part guide to honing in on campaign goals:

Customer Acquisition and Conversion

A key moment to focus on marketing for customer acquisition is when you first launch a custom app. Make sure you have a clear value proposition and reasoning for why customers should download the app. You can share your message through social media, strategic emails, and in-store promotional materials.

Launching with an onboarding campaign of $X off your first app purchase is a great way to get customers started.  It provides the perfect incentive for loyal customers to download the app and new customers to dive right into your customer experience.

Drive Revenue

Revenue = Number of Visits x Spend per Visit. In order to drive up revenue through campaigns, we must focus on driving up both components: frequency of visits and total spend per visit. For mature clients focused on creating buzz around a brand while earning a place in customers’ weekly routines, a campaign designed to boost visits over consecutive weeks is just right. An example is a Sprint Campaign with a minimum order value. Sprint Campaigns gamify visitation with tiered rewards commensurate with the number of visits over a defined period of time. This campaign structure simultaneously boosts frequency and average ticket price as customers try new parts of your menu.

Influence Customer Behavior

With comprehensive data on purchases and customer demographics, LevelUp can construct business strategies proven to influence customer behavior in a calculated manner. Whether your goal is to promote a new menu item or drive customer traffic during those afternoon lulls, data insights guide our recommendations every step of the way. For example, a coffee spot eager to encourage its morning regulars to stop by after the lunch rush may promote a Bounce Back Campaign with a limited redemption period between 2-4pm.

Build an Emotional Connection

According to this HBR article, “surprise fuels passionate relationships.” When Surprise and Delight campaigns are combined with a Status Level or Loyalty structure, brands see their magnetism with customers grow tremendously. Loyal customers stay engaged, become brand evangelists, and pull in new customers for whom the cycle starts anew. Special days like a customer’s birthday or their app anniversary are important moments to leverage towards building a strong brand connection between you and your customers.

Looking to find an app provider that will help you nail your campaigns? Check out our guide on how to choose one:


David Riche

David Riche

David Riche is the Client Solutions Manager at LevelUp. When he’s not diving into client data to collaboratively strategize with LevelUp’s Agency Clients, you may find him taking long jogs along Boston’s Esplanade or hitting up local book readings, comedy shows, and panels west of the Charles.

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