Apple Pay + LevelUp – Call for Beta Partners

order ahead levelup digital ordering customer engagement restaurant loyalty CRM

First things first, if you haven’t watched the WWDC Keynote yet, check it out here – you’ll absolutely love it. Lots of exciting announcements in there, especially in regards to Apple Pay and order ahead. LevelUp has supported Apple Pay (and Apple Wallet) in our platform since its launch. Now, we’re getting ready to take that integration to the next level (get it?) with omnichannel support for Apple Pay.

With the improved integration, customers with your app will be able to use Apple Pay to pay when they order ahead or buy digital gift cards (already enabled in dozens of apps) and also when they pay in-store. The new in-store experience will retain the same “one touch” loyalty+payment interaction that has made LevelUp-powered apps so successful, but now that one touch will simply be an NFC pay+loyalty tap.

order ahead levelup digital ordering customer engagement restaurant loyalty CRM

As with everything in technology, things that look simple (and are simple for the consumer) aren’t necessarily quite as easy to implement. This integration is no exception. We’ve been working closely with the folks at Apple to get ready to deploy this more broadly for the LevelUp customer base and we’re looking for a few beta partners to roll it out.

There are some requirements to being able to deploy this exciting new user experience:

  1. Your locations must have NFC enabled Verifone or Ingenico terminal.
  2. Your terminals must be upgraded (or have come with) the VAS (Value Added Services) package.
  3. Your point-of-sale must be using the latest LevelUp API.
  4. You have to be willing to put up with a few bugs as we roll this out together. It’s quite new!

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to your LevelUp account manager. We’re only accepting a few beta partners for the moment, but we will roll this out more broadly over time.

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Brendan Quinn

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