Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Style – and With a Full Belly

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After a whirlwind start to 2018, love is in the air this February. Whether you have a date for Valentine’s Day lined up, or you’re flying solo, don’t worry. We’ve found some amazing restaurant specials and promotions to keep you happy…

Real love at Roti

Our friends over at Roti are “Sharing the Love” with $5 love notes for your friends and family. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than with a warm, delicious chicken kabob and our BFF. 

Smoothie moves at The Protein Bar

The Protein Bar has introduced a delicious Valentine’s-themed treat until the 28th of February. The HeartBeet is a strawberry chocolate smoothie with a hint of beet, packed full of protein without being packed full of calories.

Amor at La Madeleine

‘Galentine’s Day’ is Lesley Knope’s favorite holiday, and the love of ‘gals celebrating gals’ is certainly shared by the good folks of La Madeleine. This Valentine’s day, the team is rolling out a slew of love-themed desserts to bring home to your sweetie pie. We’ll take this cheesecake any day:

The heart-shaped donut revolution

New England’s favorite, Dunkin’ Donuts, is bringing back a classic – their heart-shaped donut collection. The makeover will include donuts like Roses are Red, Pretty in Pink and the Boston Dream, a variation on the classic Boston Kreme.

In other donut news, Krispy Kreme also has a Valentine’s donut collection with a new addition – the Oreo Cookies & Kreme: a heart doughnut filled with an Oreo Cookie Kreme, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with Oreo Pieces and red icing. Mmm…

Lobsters are for life

Calling all Friends fans: remember when Phoebe told Ross he was Rachel’s lobster because lobsters stay together for life? Well, pizza fans, Firenze Pizza is paying tribute to the crustaceans’ fidelity with a “Pizza Like Never Before” dubbed The Golden Surf and Turf. The Golden Surf and Turf is pizza topped with lobster, filet medallions, caviar, and edible gold leaf. It will be available from February 9th to February 16th and will cost a cool $500 for any Valentine’s daters brave enough to splash out.

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Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman works on the B2B Marketing team at LevelUp. Settling down in Boston after a childhood spent in Ireland, Joe enjoys long walks to the fridge, flat whites and complaining about how everything is better at home. Sláinte!

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