Culture in Action: How LevelUp Celebrates the Spookiest Holiday

From the thick, creepy cobwebs that hang across the glass doors in our lobby to the bat silhouettes that line our walls, Halloween is as much a hallmark in the LevelUp office as the desks we work at. While we have a habit of committing to every holiday with the same fervor, All Hallows’ Eve holds a special place in our hearts for the extra events that take place during the much-anticipated Halloween party.

Inter-departmental Costume Contest

Each year, the different LevelUp departments huddle up across the month of October to plot out how they’ll build the best team costume concept in an effort to beat out the others in a battle of creativity and secret-keeping (oh yes — we take interlopers eavesdropping on our plans very seriously, lest our ideas leak and another department figures out how to best us). During the company Halloween party, each team debuts their looks, sometimes with a skit or by simply parading their way across the runway, all in front of a panel of impartial judges. The winning department receives a trophy, and this year, Support won. Imagine me bowing now.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Early on in October, tiny pumpkins appear in our cafeteria, which interested coworkers can grab for the annual decorating contest. Each individual can carve, paint, or manipulate the pumpkin into whatever shape, concept, or manifestation they imagine, and we’ve had some pretty stellar entries over the years — including an interpretation of one of our own LevelUp scanners, a beautifully intricate bird, and one of the piranha plants from Mario Bros. Judging, done by LevelUp employees, is anonymous, and the votes are tallied during the company party. The winner also receives a trophy.

Individual Costume Contest

This is, perhaps, the highest honor of our party: the solo costume winner (see this year’s winner — Kate Brown as Ms. Frizzle — in the photo on the right!). If there’s a standout participant in the group contest (or if someone goes rogue and creates a costume outside of their department’s theme), they will have a chance to parade themselves in front of a panel of impartial judges. It’s an incredibly difficult contest each year; the sheer creative prowess that oozes from everyone at LevelUp explodes out of us in costume form, giving us gems likes a fully-working Iron Man suit (well, it lit up and had a creepy voice, and that was rad!) to a fully-realized Barbara Maitland when she pulled her jaw wide open to reveal a drag Zombie Queen. The winner, of course, receives a trophy.

Each day at LevelUp presents new and complex issues to sort out, so it’s always heartwarming to see departments band together in pursuit of contests like these. The greatest part about Halloween at LevelUp is the very vivid reminder that we can work hard and play hard, during one of the greatest seasons of the year. 

Shay Rodger

Shay Rodger

Shay Rodger is one of LevelUp's Support Agents and is the epitome of a small-town transplant. Before Boston, he spent a majority of his spare time reading and writing, alone, in a small-town park. After Boston, he realized his true dream: to read and write, alone, all over the world. Ask him about his brief foray into the world of makeup artistry.

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