Customer Stickiness and What It Means for Your Business: Part 2

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Last time, we talked about what customer stickiness means, and how to calculate it—now, we’ll talk about how we can nudge that number up. If you missed the 411 on stickiness, catch up here.

Once you know your stickiness numbers, here are a few suggestions to raise those numbers:

Special treatment

Everyone wants to feel important—including your customers. Make your restaurant like a second home to them. Grant them rewards for their patronage based on their ordering habits to show that you listen to and care about them. Make the customer feel like the MVP (most valuable patron), and soon enough they will start to act like it!

Quality makes quantity

A customer who spends $10, but visits every week is far more profitable than the customer who spends $100, but only visits once. Run campaigns that reward multiple visits, and provide rewards for long-time repeat customers that incentivizes them to become regular patrons.

Early loyalty = long term loyalty

There is evidence that suggests retention within the first two weeks of customer acquisition is the most important for increasing customer lifetime value. Get them visiting regularly out of the gate, and they will remain loyal customers far longer.

Looking for ways that you can give customers the special treatment we talked about? Click below to download LevelUp’s Marketing Campaign Guide for inspiration:


Jacob Bone

Jacob Bone

Jake is on the Data Services Team at LevelUp. When he isn’t poring over charts, tables, and other information for restaurants, you can catch him watching Game of Thrones, practicing the guitar, or rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders: Somerville.

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