Food Safety, Tech Trends, Amazon Prime and More…What’s Hot This Week

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It has been a WEEK for us here at LevelUp, and it’s no exception in the restaurant industry. Here are the articles we’ve been reading up on…

Customers have ‘Great Tech-spectations’

Christopher Sebes says it perfectly: “Whether you’re opening your first location or you’ve been in business for decades, providing customers with the technology they’ve grown to expect is one of the most important steps you can do to ensure you’re engaging with your guests.” Read more here.

Tech Trends Impacting the Restaurant Industry

You know tech and restaurants have to go hand-in-hand to be a success in today’s day and age. We’re always looking out for what’s next, and in this video, Foodable covers the trends that’ll make the biggest impact. We’re talking Blockchain, voice, and a whole lot more. Get in the know.

Meatheads CEO: ‘How Amazon Prime mindset has changed fast casual dining’

Truly, who doesn’t rely on Amazon Prime these days? For convenience and speed, it’s a go-to for ordering…just about anything. Meatheads CEO discusses how the Amazon Prime mindset has changed the fast casual dining game. Read more here.

What does the future of food safety look like?

Though food safety isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing, it’s essential for the wellness of your staff and customers. With technology and sanitation techniques becoming increasingly advanced, food safety is going to be easier to stay on top of. Read more about what’s coming.

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Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

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