How LevelUp Partners Hyper-Personalize the Guest Experience

Fast casual restaurants like Bobby’s Burger Palace, Kung Fu Tea, and Dunn Brothers Coffee use customer behavioral data to craft customized guest experiences that drive sales and app usage.

Kung Fu Tea, a contemporary, fast-growing, 150-location bubble tea brand, recently used customer data to redesign their loyalty program. Specifically, they sought to revamp their visit-based program to accelerate customer progression and engagement with their app.

Using customer data, they found that 71% of customers were spending under $100 in their first year. The brand therefore set their second loyalty tier to $100 to encourage increased and quicker spend. As a result of their program and use of guest data, the Kung Fu Tea app now sees nearly 175% more monthly active customers per location than their competitors.

Restaurant brands also use customer data to analyze what burger or drink a customer is likely to buy, when and how often. This helps brands develop loyalty models and campaigns that align with customer behavior. If Ashley orders bubble tea twice a week and is now just shy of making the next loyalty status, a well-crafted loyalty program can incentivize her to increase her bubble tea orders to three times a week for more rewards

Read more about how LevelUp partners use personalized guest experiences to drive sales in our latest case study:

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Jenna Calderara

Jenna Calderara

Jenna Calderara is the B2B Content Manager on the Marketing Team at Grubhub and LevelUp Agency. She is also a holistic nutritionist. When she’s not at work she enjoys cooking, blogging about wellness, and trying new Boston-area restaurants. Follow her on Instagram @jennacalderara or at @wellcanvas for nutrition and wellness!

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