ICYMI: How Data Turns Your So-So Customers into Regulars


You’ve probably got your SKU data down to a science, you know how much revenue your stores are raking in and how much rent and utilities costs. But do you have your customers’ behavior and happiness under such good control? If so, heck yes. If not, you should know that customer data can help. Gone are the days that sending ads into the ether is impactful enough to inspire guests to visit you on a regular basis. In today’s Netflix-economy, customers are looking for messages to be ultra personalized. Anything less simply won’t resonate.

First things first

You need an app and distribution channels to start racking up the customer data. When customers register to use your app, you’re already collecting rich information about them. Think name, email addresses, location.

Take it a step further

The real magic comes in when customers begin using the app on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll learn their behavioral patterns, favorite menu items, preferences and more.

Make customer data work for you

Once you understand your customers in a meaningful way, you can send them individualized promotions that will actually push the needle. Here are a few examples of promotions that LevelUp’s 200+ partner restaurants utilize to drive particular behavior:customer-data-levelup-digital-ordering-customer-engagement-restaurant-loyalty-CRM

Don’t take our word for it though. Data-driven promotions have shown a higher LTV:customer-data-levelup-digital-ordering-customer-engagement-restaurant-loyalty-CRM

If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the pack. To learn more about how to use customer data to supercharge your fan base, download our case study below.

Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

Jacqueline Cooke is the Digital Content Marketing Manager at LevelUp. She's a firm believer in the power of avocado toast and chocolate chip banana pancakes. When she’s not trying out LevelUp partner restaurants (hello, Dig Inn!) you can find her dreaming up travel plans, trying out a new workout class or listening to her laundry list of podcasts. Read about her latest antics at jacquelinecooke.com

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