Influencer Trends, Rebranding 101 and more… What’s Hot This Week

There’s a lot to keep up with in the food industry. Here are the stories that have our team buzzing:

Rebrands – High Risk, High Reward

If you’re feeling like your brand needs a fresh look, you’re not alone. Plenty of companies are investing in changing up their branding to excite current guests and attract new ones. Whether you want to keep pace with current trends or adjust your menu, a rebrand can take your business to the next level.

How to Win Customers and Influence People

Influencers are rapidly becoming an essential marketing tactic  – 61% of brands worked with digital influencers within the past year. Figuring out how to harness their full potential is one of the biggest questions of 2018 – this is how experts say it’s going to happen.

Why Data Needs Humans as Much as Humans Need Data

The dance between creative thinking and data is intricate – and a key to restaurants’ success. As Greg Hahn of AdWeek puts it, “The thing that will separate the great agencies and great work from the merely informed and statistically correct is not the quantity of the data, but the quality of the people sifting through, interpreting and applying it”.

Cava Grill’s Expansion in the Big Apple

Cava Grill has just expanded their New York operations with two new locations opening in Midtown. This makes 5 NYC locations in just 2 years for the rapidly expanding D.C. Mediterranean concept – read the full story here.

Did Somebody Say Free Food?

If there’s anything we love, it’s free stuff. TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, is the world’s largest frozen yogurt brand. They are renowned for their outrageously delicious, healthy froyo. To celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day (our new favorite holiday) they gave fans a free cup. Mmm…

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Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman works on the B2B Marketing team at LevelUp. Settling down in Boston after a childhood spent in Ireland, Joe enjoys long walks to the fridge, flat whites and complaining about how everything is better at home. Sláinte!

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