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Historically, restaurants in the fast casual space have focused on offering quality, convenience, and value to their customers. However, this industry standard is expanding to include sustainability and health as critical parts of the value a restaurant can offer to its customers.

Customers are changing the way they assess a menu; instead of the traditional buzzwords associated with food (savory chicken, juicy burger, spicy burrito), consumers are now looking for other words like fresh, organic, and local to help influence their choices. The brands that are able to recognize and act upon this change are the ones that will be leading the charge into the future of the fast casual industry.

Here are some local restaurants that have already taken note and incorporated sustainability into their value proposition:

Bareburger – be LOCAL

Bareburger’s focus on locally sourced food is a defining pillar of their company mission. What’s more, all of their beef is GMO- and pesticide-free! By building their business on an initial commitment to sustainable, healthy, and fun food, Bareburger has achieved a loyal customer base who also share similar commitments.

Dig Inn – be SEASONAL

Dig Inn has implemented the concept of “farm to counter” by nurturing relationships with local farms, and designing their menu to incorporate seasonal foods. In fact, they are even working on building their own farm. By truly making an effort to take advantage of the community they operate within, Dig Inn is able to maximize ethical farming practices, serve the freshest ingredients, and cater to customers’ desires to support a sustainable mission and consume healthy food.


Going beyond the fresh ingredients its name implies, Freshii uses only biodegradable materials for almost everything in their restaurants, from silverware to packaging. This generates less of a carbon footprint than having to wash all of those dishes in a dishwasher! Combine this with healthy, delicious food – and you’ve got a winning combination!

Sustainability is only one of the many things your customers care about. To learn more about their preferences, download our case study on the data you can collect about your customers:


Kiera Haining

Kiera Haining

Kiera is a LevelUp fanatic and former co-op. Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she spends her free time exploring what Northern California has to offer - including eating delicious burritos in the Mission, going for hikes in Tahoe, and soaking up the sun on the beach in Santa Cruz!

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