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LevelUp Support – A prime

For companies to flourish, maintaining a top-notch approach to customer service is crucial. It’s especially important for brands in the fintech space to respond swiftly and attentively to any potential issues that may arise along the breadth of their product.

While we at LevelUp do everything we can to make it easy to reach us for tech support, we thought it would be fun to take you on a little tour of what the LevelUp Support Department does based on the tougher questions people don’t really ask.

What does tech support do?

What does the LevelUp Support team not do? We’re the first on the scene to answer customer questions, we help partner restaurants manage our customer relationship management software (CRM), and we provide in-the-moment solutions for our hardware in the field. In short, if you have a question about our product, a support agent will help you find the answer.

As a brand that touches so many different nuances of the fintech space, LevelUp’s Support Department is highly trained to work with all aspects of what we do. Our agents are also juggling in-house projects to keep the steady flow of new tickets manageable, learning how new features work as they’re deployed into our overall ecosystem, and working ceaselessly to keep our customers satisfied with our output by providing top-notch service. Want to know more about how our support team functions? Check out the article we wrote!

Who can reach out to you? And how?

Anyone and everyone! A good support team can absorb any kind of inbound request with finesse, and ours is no exception. Even if your question or concern is outside of an agent’s purview, there are failsafes in place to push along your inquiry to the right place. To that end, we’re proud to report that each and every phone call and email we receive is answered promptly — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s never too late or too early to reach out to us about your concerns! Drop us an email at support@thelevelup.com or call in at 855-538-3542.

Whoa – 24/7? How big is your team?

As far as size goes, we’re modestly robust. LevelUp is growing at a very constant rate, and as new restaurant partners link up to our platform, we take on their customers as well. With such a steady increase in the number of people engaging with our products, the number of tickets (what we refer to as the open cases or issues that need solving) also increases.

To keep up with this momentum, we’re making sure the Support Department is also scaling in size to meet this demand head-on. This means our response times remain incredibly quick, we have more resources to dedicate to coming up with faster solutions, and we can remain proactive in how we approach new features to our product. Support teams can be fairly reactive in terms of the service they provide, but with a team our size, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve.

Can I find any of the answers to my questions myself?

Absolutely! We’re ceaselessly working on ways to make navigating our product easier. Because we’re the first team called to duty when something goes awry, we’re experts in determining what our customers might need in order to render us unnecessary altogether.

As we mentioned before, the team is always growing, which means we always have brilliant minds that are capable of taking on projects to make the lives of our customers easier. For example, we’re building out our external knowledge base (referred to lovingly as the EKB) that functions as a reference guide for the most commonly asked questions where customers can often read up on what might have otherwise led them to shoot us an email.

We hope you liked this view under the hood! If you have any other questions about our work, feel free to reach out! As always, be sure to subscribe to the blog.

Shay Rodger

Shay Rodger

Shay Rodger is one of LevelUp's Support Agents and is the epitome of a small-town transplant. Before Boston, he spent a majority of his spare time reading and writing, alone, in a small-town park. After Boston, he realized his true dream: to read and write, alone, all over the world. Ask him about his brief foray into the world of makeup artistry.

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