Restaurant Rebrand Series: Logo Rebranding Tips

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Maybe your restaurant business is going through a total rebrand, or maybe your team has decided that your logo alone needs a change. Either way, rebranding your restaurant logo can be a challenging project, as it is one of the 5 Most Important Aspects of Restaurant Branding. For one, your new design needs to resonate with your existing customer base and draw in new guests at the same time. You will also have to redistribute your logo across all of your branding, including in-store and digital materials. If the time comes to rethink your logo, consider the following tips to assist you in the process:

Logo Refresh vs. Logo Redesign

When updating your restaurant logo, you will first want to decide if you’d rather refresh it or completely redesign it. A logo refresh will often keep major elements of your existing logo, but adjust fonts, images, and word-placement. This comes in handy when you’d like to modernize your branding. A great example of this is the ever-evolving Starbucks logo: each logo refresh uses their signature green color and elements of the mermaid icon.

You should consider a logo redesign, or a complete overhaul of your existing logo, when sales are low and you’re having trouble getting guests in the door. Work with a graphic design firm and discuss what option is best for your restaurant business.

Starbucks logo refresh
Logo refresh
airbnb logo resdesign
Logo redesign

Think About What You’d Like Your Logo to Communicate

While your logo does not have to be descriptive of your business, it can be. If there is a way to communicate a hidden message in your logo, consider doing so. For example, the Subway logo has arrows at the beginning and end of the lettering, communicating “fast and efficient.” You may also use creative lettering to represent your restaurant name as your logo, such as Dunkin’, which keeps the logo simple while also adding their brand’s creative flair.

creative typefaces for Subway and Dunkin' logos

Rebrand Your Logo With Simplicity and Reproduction in Mind

There will be times when you reproduce your logo on a tiny scale, maybe even in black and white. When redesigning or refreshing your restaurant logo, keep in mind how the design may translate into these formats. If your logo contains a lot of small text, it is safe to assume that won’t reproduce well on smaller scales. More often than not, it is best to keep your logo as simple as possible and add your brand colors in last.

simple McDonalds and Taco Bell logos

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