[WATCH] La Madeleine and Fazoli’s Discuss How They Make the Most of a Digital Strategy

Did you know that digital ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic? On top of this, customers are spending up to 50% more on digital orders as compared to in-store and orders placed by phone. Digital ordering via your restaurant brand’s mobile app and other channels represents a huge revenue opportunity.

However, research shows that consumers are downloading fewer than one app per month. Think about it: when was the last time you downloaded an app that you use frequently?

It’s clear that the competition for customers’ attention is fierce.

In April’s panel, “I’ll Take Digital To Go,” at the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit 2018, speakers from La Madeline, Fazoli’s, and The NPD Group discussed how restaurants can maximize their slice of the digital pie.

Check out the video here and above to hear more about how these brands take advantage of an omni-channel digital strategy to increase guest frequency and spend.

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Suzy Whalen

Suzy Whalen

Suzy is the B2B Marketing Manager at LevelUp, where she brings the conference circuit to life with food, fun, and cool (yet useful) swag. When she isn’t coordinating conferences, you can find Suzy planning her own travel, bouncing around the gym, or crossing off her list of Boston restaurants to try.

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