Mobile Experience Takeaways From a Pizza Giant

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If there’s one thing in this world I want easy access to, it’s pizza. Whether you’re craving a great pie, your favorite hand-tossed salad or a fresh sushi roll, getting your food shouldn’t be difficult. Dennis Maloney, Chief Digital Officer for Domino’s recently discussed why Domino’s delivers more than 15 ways for customers to order. 

Maloney begins with describing what most restaurateurs already know. As technology changes, so do customers’ expectations. They expect brands to know exactly what they want and how they want it, executed quickly. Domino’s had to make some significant changes to their operations. Here are the lessons that your business should take away from their experience:

Friction turns customers off

Again, no secrets here. It should be quick, easy and seamless for customers to order. Restaurants can take steps like developing pre-filled forms and reducing steps required in the ordering process. Domino’s did – and now they receive more than 60% of their orders online.

Iterate on your technology

Developing smaller scale projects and being willing to take risks were key in Domino’s strategy. Iteration and experimentation are key in their approach. With technology, preferences and even our culture constantly changing, this willingness to not be perfect every time is key.

Shared goals are essential

Whether you’re a cashier or CEO, it’s important that you’re all on the same ship, moving in the same direction. Your goal needs to be that the customer has a great experience, no matter how they order. Becoming an omnichannel business and creating ease for your customers is a must.

Forward progress over everything

Two words: Keep. Moving. Domino’s has developed 15 ways for people to order pizza, from sending a pizza emoji over social media to voice command on Google Home. You should find a mobile provider that is able to help you enable your customers to order wherever they are.

Domino’s has some wonderful ideas on how to create top-notch mobile experiences. To help you find the partner to bring the same to your restaurant, download our guide below:


Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

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