Mobile Ordering is Essential to Winning over Millennial Customers

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It’s no secret that Millenials are a highly sought after demographic for restaurants – they have disposable income, they love dining out and they love talking about food. As a group they are projected to spend $800 million in 2017 (7 percent more on monthly food budgets than average Americans). We know what you’re thinking: how can your restaurant be sure to get a piece of that spend?

Turns out, one of the essential answers is Mobile Ordering. Millennials are twice as likely to place an advanced order via a mobile device, and 62 percent have placed a digital order with a restaurant in the past six months. That is a huge opportunity for any restaurant hoping to offer a mobile experience to their customers in the near future.

Dallas-based chicken chain  Cowboy Chicken is living proof. According to their CEO Sean Kennedy in a recent interview with PYMNTS, “We’ve seen the shift to mobile ordering and mobile pay. That’s where the millennial generation wants to be, and Cowboy Chicken wants to stay ahead of where guests want to be and enable them to experience our food on their terms.”

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Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

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