NuOrder and LevelUp partner to grow restaurants’ order ahead sales via new distribution channels

We recently partnered with nuOrder Tech, the specialized online ordering solution, to help restaurants grow their order ahead sales via new distribution partners. nuOrder Tech works with leading brands like Illegal Pete’s, MOD Pizza, Flower Child and WaBa Grill, who will now receive free distribution through our consumer channels.

Customers can order with more restaurants and nuOrder Tech partner restaurants will benefit from an increase in orders with no additional cost.

Our nearly 1 million monthly active users expect speed, convenience and flexibility while they interact with restaurants. nuOrder Tech restaurant partners can instantly access the LevelUp network reaching millions of potential new customers across our partner channels like Chase Pay. It’s incredibly seamless – orders flow from those apps to the nuOrder Tech online ordering system directly to the point-of-sale.

“There is a growing demand within the restaurant industry for innovative ways of attracting new customers while ensuring that current ones remain happy and loyal,” said Thomas Kuehle, president of nuOrder Tech. “We pride ourselves on providing our restaurant clients with custom online ordering experiences and unparalleled service and support. We’re taking this commitment and dedication even further through this partnership by offering a unique and effective way to access new customers across the LevelUp network.”

This partnership means exposure to new customers which ultimately promises to drive higher order volume and revenue. For restaurants, the benefits of the LevelUp network will continue to grow as the company publicly announces more strategic partners in the coming months.

We continue to build partnerships with the industry’s top players so together we can deliver the greatest number of options to consumers when it comes to interacting with restaurants across the country.  By introducing nuOrder’s merchant partners to the LevelUp network, they now have access to millions of new consumers who will benefit from the choice and convenience offered by these new order ahead functionalities.

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Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty

Seann Moriarty is the Head of Partnerships at LevelUp. In his free time he likes any activity on a bike, sailing, and making Rorschach tests in soap sculpture form. When he's not chowing down on Monday bagels he's on the phone learning about great companies that we can work with, and looking for fun trails to take his dog hiking on.

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