How &pizza Increased Orders By 230% With Their Digital Marketing Tools

&pizza, a trendy, rapidly-growing pizza chain, launched its 5-star app and digital engagement program back in 2014. Since then, the brand has taken advantage of customer data from their digital marketing tools to positively impact their business in variety of ways — leading to a 50% increase in guest frequency and 230% increase in order volume.

“With more data, we’re able to make better decisions around how we run campaigns to garner quantifiable metrics that move the needle…” – Vanessa Rodriguez, Head of Branding

&pizza uses time and day of week data to add new dayparts to the average customer journey. For instance, if “John” is a frequent lunch customer, &pizza can send him an offer to buy a pizza during dinner time, thereby encouraging different behavior and adding incremental sales.

They track order data — what salads and pizzas customers order most often — to optimize their menu and send tailored offers to certain customers depending on their preferences. “Claire,” who often orders a meat lover’s pizza, may love a buy-one-get-one pepperoni offer to share with her best friend… who may then convert to a loyal customer.

Read more about how &pizza uses data to drive sales in our newest case study:

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Suzy Whalen

Suzy Whalen

Suzy is the B2B Marketing Manager at LevelUp, where she brings the conference circuit to life with food, fun, and cool (yet useful) swag. When she isn’t coordinating conferences, you can find Suzy planning her own travel, bouncing around the gym, or crossing off her list of Boston restaurants to try.

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