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It’s no secret that social media is important for any brand in 2019, and restaurants are no exception. In fact, 77% of people in the U.S. own at least one social media profile, and 90% of these users reach out to brands and retailers on social media. If you’re in the middle of establishing your social media marketing plan, consider the following critical factors to crafting a successful post.

Prioritize Personality

Have you ever seen a restaurant Tweeting about their favorite TV show? Wendy’s has a reputation for using their Twitter account to Tweet about relatable and topical content to engage their followers, and other brands like Burger King have followed suit. The tweets range from references to popular TV shows and movies, current internet jokes (more commonly known as memes), and snarky banter with competitor brands. If you want to try this, start small by creating a Twitter poll where customers can vote on their favorite menu item at your restaurant.

You can also check out 20 Restaurants Using Social Media Successfully for more ideas on bringing out your brand’s personality.

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Craft Content That Inspires “Meaningful” Interactions

In early 2018, while marketers already struggled to achieve organic traffic, Facebook announced a change to its algorithm. They cited that their algorithm would begin favoring content that encouraged “meaningful social interactions” between their users. Restaurant brands need to create content that leaves users feeling hopeful, positive, and with a feeling of personal connection, as opposed to the negative feelings audiences associate with mainstream news and politics. The takeaway from this is simple: use your restaurant’s social channels to create content that inspires meaningful conversation. Post a photo of a new staff member each week and use the caption to tell their career story. Create a short video about how one of your managers delivers feedback. Partner with an influencer or national charity and write a post explaining the reasoning behind it.

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Consider Video Content

80% of marketers agree: visual assets are essential in social media marketing. The question that leaves restaurant marketers stumped is which media is worth investing time into creating. Due to the rise in ads and paid content, gone are the days of large organic reach. A brand can no longer create an Instagram account, post a picture of a delicious sandwich, and expect to get a lot of reach. While some brands, such as Arby’s, have found creative ways to get their photos seen, a lot of brands have turned to creating video.

Video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021, and your guests are consuming more video now than ever before. If you’re new to video, get started today with 5 Easy Restaurant Video Content Ideas.

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Jenna Calderara

Jenna Calderara

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