Startups, Savvy Shakes and the Cashless Revolution…What’s Hot This Week?

It’s the end of April, which can mean only one thing – Spring is finally here! Kick back in the sun, sip something cold and enjoy a roundup of everything you might have missed this week…

A Hive of Activity at honeygrow

We were delighted to announce our partnership with honeygrow + minigrow, a rapidly expanding restaurant concept offering customizable stir-fry bowls, salads, and cold-pressed juices made from locally-sourced ingredients. The honeygrow team is looking forward to engaging their guests and creating fun with their new app, according to CEO Justin Rosenberg in QSR Magazine.

The Time a Cafe Concept Went Cashless… and it Worked

LevelUp partner Bluestone Lane, an Australian-style cafe with over two dozen locations in the U.S. made the transition to cashless payments in 2016. Ditching the cash and coins has been a quite a success. In this PaymentsSource article, JD Methfessel of Bluestone and our own Theresa Dold look at a cafe’s switch to cashless.

The 3 Digital Tools That Changed the Game

The Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit occurred earlier this month in Louisville, featuring a panel entitled “I’ll Take Digital To Go”. In the panel, top-level restaurant execs focused on three things that revolutionized the restaurant verticle: Digital signage, online ordering and loyalty apps.

Shake Smart and Their Plan for College Campus Domination

Did you hear about the two juniors in college that started a $3.6 million college smoothie startup? Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman’s Shake Smart offers low-cost, highly customizable protein shakes, acai bowls, and egg-white breakfast wraps. The duo is planning to be on 20 U.S. campuses by the end of 2019…and we are in.

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Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman

Joe Gorman works on the B2B Marketing team at LevelUp. Settling down in Boston after a childhood spent in Ireland, Joe enjoys long walks to the fridge, flat whites and complaining about how everything is better at home. Sláinte!

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