Is Voice Ordering the Next Big Thing for Restaurants?


You might ask Alexa for a one-off fact (is that boutique in NYC still open?), to tell you some trivia (Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” was penned by beloved children’s author Shel Silverstein) or to turn on your favorite music streaming service (Spotify, thank you). You’re probably less inclined, however, to turn to voice ordering to order your favorite meal. But that’s likely to change.

According to QSR Magazine, an estimated 25% of 16 to 24-year-olds use voice search on mobile. And those numbers are only growing. Some of the big players in the fast-casual space like Wingstop and Domino’s have already hopped on the trend.

Wingstop’s key target is millennials (they’re expected to spend $800MM this year, after all). “Voice activation has become common in their homes and on their phones,” says Kevin Fish, vice president of digital technology at Wingstop, which has 1,031 locations globally and is in all 50 states.

Here at LevelUp, we understand the importance of helping our restaurant partners be where their customers are. So we partnered with Orderscape to give tens of thousands of restaurants within the LevelUp network access to voice skills and chatbots to streamline mobile orders.

As our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Evan Korzon puts it “As consumers become more tech-savvy, they become more sophisticated in how they wish to interact with their favorite restaurants. Integrating voice activated chatbots into the online ordering process is a natural next-step because of the billions of dollars being invested in developing digital assistants from Amazon, Google and Apple.”

We’re always thinking of new ways to bring the best possible experiences to our restaurant partners’ customers. But that commitment is only one of the things that sets us apart. Read more about what you should consider when picking an app provider by downloading our guide below:


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Jackie Cooke

Jackie Cooke

Jacqueline Cooke is the Digital Content Marketing Manager at LevelUp. She's a firm believer in the power of avocado toast and chocolate chip banana pancakes. When she’s not trying out LevelUp partner restaurants (hello, Dig Inn!) you can find her dreaming up travel plans, trying out a new workout class or listening to her laundry list of podcasts. Read about her latest antics at

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